Another Piano Stool Makeover


Not long ago I bought two little antique piano stools from an Armenian diplomat who had listed them on Craigslist. He was leaving the country and was selling practically everything in his apartment. I didn’t really care for the antique velvet upholstery they came with….one was green and the other was red. But the fabric was in very good condition on both of the stools considering their age and I didn’t have the heart to remove it, so I decided to just go ahead and place the new fabric on top of the old ones. Continue reading

Little Antique Piano Stool

Antique Stool

Not long ago I bought two little antique piano stools at a moving sale organized by an Armenian diplomat who was returning to his country. Most of the stuff he was selling was too expensive to even consider, but he had advertised some kilims on Craigslist and the price sounded reasonable so I decided I’d go take a look.  The kilims were breathtaking and there were many. I bought a very pretty wool kilim from Azerbaijan and as I was about to leave with my purchase rolled up and tucked safely under my arm, I asked about the two little piano stools that I had seen pictured  in his Craigslist ad. He led me to a back room full of antiques and I spied the two stools in a corner. Continue reading