Brighten Up Your Barstools

Did I ever mention that I am a color junkie? I love color. Bright, fruity, chewy, popping colors that make my eyes water when I look at them. I’d happily wear Carmen Miranda’s fruit hat if I could find it. And her dress too. So when I bought these three (formerly) austere black metal barstools for the breakfast bar at my new house I knew I’d have to brighten them up a bit. I must say that black is not one of my favorite colors. I don’t own black shoes. Or a black purse. Or even a black dress. I wasn’t about to own black barstools either. I wanted something that reminded me of the caribbean and of bananas and limes. I found just the colors I was looking for at the local hardware store in the spray paint can section where they had every tropical color imaginable and even some you’d never imagine. I came home with cans of caribbean blue, creamy yellow and lime green. Ok, I confess. It was pistacchio. They were out of lime. Continue reading