My Bohemian Quilt Is Finally Finished!

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I’ve been working on a Dresden plate quilt since forever, it seems.  I finally finished it. Yay!  This quilt was a bit different from the ones I’ve made in the past because I decided to try that “quilt as you go” technique on this one.  I really thought it would be so much easier not having to drag around an entire heavy quilt  when it came time to do the hand quilting.  I watched a gazillion Youtube clips and read endless website instructions for several weeks prior to actually starting it.  I felt I was ready to tackle it. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. Continue reading

My M’rockin’ Wall

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Our week-end mountain house has really high ceilings. They’re so high that I’m not able to have any ceiling  fixtures in some parts of the house otherwise I’d have to call the fire department whenever I needed to change a lightbulb. I’d have to ask them to let me borrow those really long expanding ladders they have on their trucks. This makes decorating the high walls particularly difficult because not only can I not reach up there to hang anything but it’s a pain in the neck when it comes to dusting and cleaning too. There was one particularly bare and bleak looking wall that I knew I’d have to find a solution for because it was just beyond boring. I was willing to do a little ladder climbing and arm stretching to get the job done.  I love Bohemian/Moroccan/Middle Eastern style decor and when I came across two little Moroccan wall lanterns on Ebay for just a few dollars, I knew I had to have them. And then it took off from there. Continue reading

Moroccan Cushions

If ever there was a country with a knack for color, it has to be Morocco. The rich and contrasting jewel tones of Moroccan decor are simply mouth watering. It’s very difficult to pull off color combinations of tangerine, lime, electric blue and fuchsia, but these exotic color combos are daily fare in the riads of Marrakech. Inspired by the eye popping colors of Moroccan interiors I set out to make cushions from all the little bits and pieces of shiny colorful (and formerly useless) fabric and trims in my fabric stash. Why do I have so many colorful scraps of material, you ask? Well, I make costumes. Dance costumes. Bellydance costumes. I’ve been making my own costumes for years, and color junkie that I am, I must have bought just about every shiny, glittery, sparkly, beaded and sequinned fabric ever made. And the matching trims too. Continue reading