Make your own ceramic cabinet knobs

After our kitchen cabinets were installed up at the new house I found that they were kind of boring and just a tad too brown. They’re ordinary stock kitchen cabinets that we bought at a local home center, dark oak with a squarish boxy look. They urgently needed something to brighten them up and to combat the utter boredom of brown *yawn*. I searched high and low for the perfect cabinet pulls but I found each more uninteresting than the other. Until I came across a website that had picture after beautiful picture of  handpainted Majolica knobs from Italy. The minute I laid eyes on them I knew those were the knobs I wanted! Until I saw the price. Italian majolica knobs are pricey, typically costing from 20 dollars to 35 dollars each depending on the size. Since I wasn’t about to shell out that much money for knobs (I needed 36 of them!) I began to look for a less expensive alternative. Continue reading