Liquid Silver Curtains


It’s no secret that when it comes to decorating, I am a major fan of all things Bohemian. According to Rebecca Purcell’s book Interior Alchemy, my decorating style is “exotic”.  Ok, I’ll go with that. I love color and texture and bold patterns. And most of all, I love things from far away lands especially if they have history. That’s why when I began to think about a window treatment for a long horizontal window located right above my bed  I knew that I wanted something different. I couldn’t bear the thought of more white lace curtains. I tried several things on the window, from beads to fringed piano shawls, to pieces of brightly colored habotai silk that I had dyed myself, but I wasn’t happy with the way any of them looked. Then I thought of the pieces of antique Assuit fabric that I had stored away in plastic bags. For those not familiar with Assuit fabric (pronounced ASYOOT)  it is a wonderful textile that has been made in Egypt purportedly since the days of the pharaohs. Continue reading

My M’rockin’ Wall

Foto1641 copy

Our week-end mountain house has really high ceilings. They’re so high that I’m not able to have any ceiling  fixtures in some parts of the house otherwise I’d have to call the fire department whenever I needed to change a lightbulb. I’d have to ask them to let me borrow those really long expanding ladders they have on their trucks. This makes decorating the high walls particularly difficult because not only can I not reach up there to hang anything but it’s a pain in the neck when it comes to dusting and cleaning too. There was one particularly bare and bleak looking wall that I knew I’d have to find a solution for because it was just beyond boring. I was willing to do a little ladder climbing and arm stretching to get the job done.  I love Bohemian/Moroccan/Middle Eastern style decor and when I came across two little Moroccan wall lanterns on Ebay for just a few dollars, I knew I had to have them. And then it took off from there. Continue reading

Jeweled Tassels

I love tassels. Lamp tassels, ceiling fan tassels, tassels on graduation caps, horse and camel tassels, beaded tassels…you name it. I also love beads. I must have been a magpie in a previous life because anything shiny, sparkly and round makes me giddy and causes my knees to go weak. So imagine my delight when I came across some online pictures of  silky tassels adorned with seed beads! I felt I had died and gone to tassel-bead  heaven. I knew I had to have some. At a price of  $30 dollars per tassel however, it would have meant spending hundreds of dollars to buy all the tassels I saw in the pictures. And of course I wanted them ALL. The more I looked at them and drooled,  the more I realized that I could make them myself and  bead them  any way I wanted to. Not to mention having fun in the process. I love it when I find a new project to keep me busy.  (So does my family)  And I had everything I needed right at home.  Granted, there are many different ways to make tassels. Everyone has their preferred method. I used the fringe method because as luck would have it, I had about 70 yards of thin chainette fringe that I had bought several years ago (don’t ask me why) in about six different colors so I figured now was as good a time as any to take those fringes out of their plastic wrappers and put them to use.  Continue reading