My new wrought iron handrail

I’ve always loved wrought iron handrails. A while back, they went out of style for a few years and they were considered tacky and very 70’s. Everyone wanted wood handrails and wrought iron was sneered at, much like popcorn ceilings are sneered at today. I was dismayed when my mom sent all her cool wrought iron home decor items to the Goodwill and refused to have anything to do with the stuff anymore. Perhaps I was always stuck in a 70’s time warp (or terribly unfashionable) but I have never stopped loving wrought iron. It’s just so very……Moroccan. I loved it in guilty silence when everyone else rolled their eyes at it. So imagine my delight when wrought iron handrails came back in style again! I just had to have some in my new mountain house. And I needed quite a bit of it. I devoured decorating and architecture magazines that had any hint of  handrails in them and I googled “wrought iron” so many times that I think I must have seen every single wrought iron item ever made by man.  Continue reading