Rose Recovery

Pink Rose dewdrops

My roses have looking sickly for about a year or so and I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was wrong with them. They would sprout new leaves and new buds, but then the leaves would  get dark blotchy spots on them and they’d turn brown and fall off  leaving only the bare canes and a few buds. The buds would eventually open up into full sized flowers but there there wasn’t a single leaf left on the bush. It was quite an odd sight. I also noticed that their growth was stunted. Continue reading

Faux Granite Flower Pots

Not too long ago I was getting ready to throw out a bunch of old plastic “terra cotta look” flower pots that had become stained and  beaten up. They were almost embarassing to have around the yard.  After examining them more closely I saw that the plastic itself was in very good condition, but the look of the pots themselves was quite worn and unattractive. I wondered if I could paint them.  I decided to do a quick online search to see if there was something crafty that I could do with them and I found this wonderful faux granite technique on a Home Staging blog. And it’s so easy too!  The finished pots really do look surprisingly like granite even up close!  People have to actually touch them to know that they aren’t real stone. Here are the step by step pictures of what I did.

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