Clowning Around

These cute little clowns used to be really popular in the 70s and 80s. I remember making them with my mom way back then. Interestingly, we never used a pattern. We would just cut all the fabric pieces into different sized rectangles and these served to make the clown’s clothing, his arms and even all the ruffles. A cone shaped piece of fabric served as the hat and a 3.5 inch styrofoam ball plus a 2 X 4 block of wood served as the head and body respectively, these two pieces were then covered in a clean white cotton sock. Assorted felt pieces served to make the hands which were more like little mitts, and also the feet and facial features. But the REAL secret behind the lifelike positions of these little guys was: wooden clothespins! Four old fashioned wooden clothespins were what gave them the ability to cross their legs, bend over on their sides or put their hands on their hips. I remembered these clowns the other day and I had a sudden rush of nostalgia for the simple crafts of the old days, before the days of glittler glue and polymer clay and craft stores that you need a map to navegate your way through. Back in the day……crafts were made from common household items. Sigh. I decided to make a few clowns to see if they they were really as cute as I remembered them. I did have a pattern this time though. My mom had sent me one several years ago and I had never gotten around to opening it, so I decided it was about time. I didn’t even know clown patterns existed.  Continue reading