No-wheat Strawberry Roll

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My daughter is allergic to wheat. Not to gluten but to the wheat itself.  This has made her life miserable since she was in grade school because whenever she eats anything with wheat in it, her nose gets stuffy and runny at the same time. Not to mention the bouts of itchy eyes and scratchy throat.  Lately I have also discovered that my perpetual nausea is caused by an apparent wheat intolerance as well. If I eliminate wheat from my diet, my nausea dissapears like magic.  So naturally I am always on the look out for anything wheatless particularly if its sweet. Continue reading

Bread Babies for All Soul’s Day

These delicious bread babies are always a hit with kids. They’re fun to make and fun to eat.  I have vague memories of  deliciously fragrant bread babies being sold on street corners when I was a very small child of three or four. Bread babies are an All Soul’s Day  tradition in some parts of South America including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Argentina where the day of the dead is religiously observed. Bread babies are just little loaves of sweet bread made to resemble babies wrapped in blankets.  Continue reading