Blue, White and Elephants

Coffee Time

I don’t usually get excited about Tupperware. I’d never even given it much thought aside from the couple of times I had been wangled into going to a Tupperware party  *yawn* and had ordered an item or two for politeness sake. Most of the Tupperware items I do own were given to me by either my mother or my grandma (who probably had ordered them at parties for politeness sake as well)  and I’d never really stopped to think about the fact that more than 30 years later they were still almost good as new. Not until recently that is. After I moved to Costa Rica  I discovered that generic plastic items are ridiculously expensive here. They aren’t produced locally and most plastics are imported from Guatemala. They aren’t of  good quality and kitchen containers are not designed to last for more than a year or so after which time the lids begin to stretch and loosen and the bottoms begin to crack. Even old margarine tubs are longer lasting. Suddenly I found myself longing for the good old reliable Tupperware products of yesteryear and I decided to check Ebay and see if anyone was selling any. Wouldn’t you know it, there were literally thousands upon thousands of Tupperware items on Ebay.  When I came across these cute little blue and white cannisters that matched my blue and white dishware I knew I had to have them. Curiously they’re only produced for the Indian and Middle Eastern market, they don’t make these patterns in the U.S.  so I was delighted to find that several Tupperware sellers from India shipped internationally and I promptly ordered some. Who knew that plastic kitchen containers could actually be pretty? And who knew that I would EVER (in a million years!!) be writing a post about Tupperware. I must be getting old.

CIMG9276 (1024x768)

There was also this peacock design that is so pretty:

CIMG9306 (1024x768)

And this guy on the elephant reminded me of Hannibal crossing the Alps:



They also had a Turkish pattern that sort of looks like mosaic tile:

CIMG9312 (1024x768)


The only scary thing about buying Tupperware at this stage is that it’ll probably outlast me.



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Lately I’ve become sort of obsessed with blue and white dinnerware. I guess alot of people must share my love of blue and white china because there are many different patterns of it out there. Right off the bat I can think of Blue Danube, Blue Onion, Blue Chatham, Blue Willow, Lomonosov blue and white and the list goes on. I guess now I can add another blue and white dinnerware pattern to that list, but I have to think of a name for it first.   Continue reading

Blue Chatham blues


Years ago when my mom lived in Germany she worked part time in a small shop that sold fine china as well as other fine decor items.  Once in a while they would end up with left over odd pieces of porcelain dinnerware which would be marked down drastically and placed on sale. One of these pieces was this beautiful Blue Chatham pattern teapot. My mother actually bought several pieces of this pattern and divided them up between my grandma and me when she came back from Germany.

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