Beaded Door Stop

I love the view from the balcony of our new mountain house. It’s such a joy to stand there looking out over the central valley and breathing in the scent of pine trees and the sweet fragrance of freshly cut grass.  Until the glass door slams shut behind you and awakens you from your reverie with a jolt.  I’ve used several different items to hold that dratted door open….a rock, an old construction bucket that the workmen left behind and even an ancient Ecuadorian clay figurine. I figured it was about time to make a proper door stop for this obnoxious door. I’d seen some really cute triangular shaped ones made out of fabric, so I decided to make one of these. After checking online for instructions I discovered that most of them were actually pyramidal in shape. That is: four triangular sides and a square for the bottom. That’s not what I wanted because they seemed to be too bulky and I didn’t want something that jutted out so far into the doorway that people might trip over it. I wanted a simple three sided triangle. I ended up making my own template and playing it by ear. The results were actually better than I had anticipated. Here’s how I made it:  Continue reading