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Hi there!  I’m Priscilla, a self-confessed color junkie who loves to do anything that involves beads, a hot glue gun and colorful paint.  I have five great kids, three of whom still live at home plus four cats, a dog and a canary.  Decorating, crafting and gardening are three of my favorite pastimes and I am always busy working on one project or another, some of which I’m thrilled to share on this blog.  I currently live in Central America amidst rolling hills dotted with coffee plantations, exotic plants and a deliciously tropical climate. Did I mention I love coffee? Come on in and have a cup!

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I saw your buckets that you painted for assorted uses around your home. I love the mint color you used. Can you tell me the brand of spray paint you were using? I am trying to match the paint for an outdoor wooden table. Thanks for any info you can give me.

    • Hi Karen, It was just a really inexpensive spray paint that was on clearance at a local hardware store. I checked the Label and the brand name says GENERAL. It says Made in Mexico. The color I used was Pistacchio.

    • Hi Suzanne, There are a variety of ready made silicone molds on Ebay that are suitable for appliques, look for the larger deeper molds. You can also make them yourself with liquid silicone, I explain that process in part one of my applique making tutorial on this blog. Hope that helps!

    • I’ve never thought about selling it, but thank you for thinking so highly of it! I live outside the U.S. so shipping would definitely be a major (and expensive) obstacle. You can easily make a set though, with just a couple of food safe marker pens and some inexpensive store bought white dishware.

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