This Year’s Christmas Trees

This year I didn’t set up the 9 ft. Monster tree.  I’ve decided to simplify my Christmas decorating and not have to spend several days climbing up and down a ladder stringing lights and hanging ornaments. Now that my kids are grown I no longer have eager little helpers handing me baubles and tinsel so I’m pretty much on my own. I miss those days when they’d excitedly help me carry boxes of ornaments in from the garage and when the opening of each box produced shrieks of delight and surprise.  These days they have other things to do and they aren’t as enthusiastic about helping out.  I suspect they believe tree trimming is seriously over-rated.  So in light of the fact that I was working alone and the very thought of that ladder made me dizzy, I decided leave the 9ft. tree in it’s box and just set up the 7ft. flocked tree that I bought last year as well as the little 4ft. vintage aluminum trees that I’ve had for several years.  I briefly entertained the idea of using a different color scheme than I did last year on the flocked tree but to be honest,  I love how soft tones and pastels look on white trees so I repeated the look this year. Perhaps next year I’ll decorate it differently. 

The 7 ft tree is in the living room of our city house

I like that it sort of matches the furniture, although I didn’t plan it that way.  

The little aluminum trees are a snap to set up. They’re vintage trees from the 1960’s.  I love them because they bring back memories of my childhood Christmases when the whole family got together at my grandmother’s house. My grandma had a 6 ft. aluminum tree for as long as I can remember  and she was so proud of it. 

This tree is in the upstairs window at our mountain house.

This next vintage aluminum tree has pom pom branch tips. I have color wheels that go with these trees which makes the aluminum change color. You’re not supposed to put lights on these because they’re metal so rotating color wheels are used instead. 

This next little silver tree is more modern. Its a snap to se up because it’s pre-lit and it doesn’t need too much stuff on it.

9 ft

This is our 9ft tree in a photo from several years ago. I miss seeing it, but I sure don’t miss having to decorate it and then taking it down again after Christmas.

I was done in no time and was soon able to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the light show.


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