From my garden this week


There were many things blooming in my garden this past week-end.  In spite of having neglected my roses for the last couple of months, Mother Nature has been forgiving and has given me an extraordinary gift of color and fragrance.  I was able to cut enough flowers for several bouquets to bring down to our city house and enjoy all week long.



For the past couple of months I’ve been organizing the storage rooms in our store and haven’t had as much time to spend in the garden as I would have liked. I found weeds sneaking their way into the rose beds and algae threatening to take over the pond, embracing the water hyacinths and creeping up on the lily pads.


Everything was thriving. The Lilies and the Amaryllis were in full bloom. The little fig tree was laden with small green figs that will very soon ripen into plump black giants which will be turned into a delicious fig compote to be eaten with fresh cheese.  Even the nameless pink rambling roses that cling to the fence all along the property line were almost exploding with bouquet-like clusters.



Roses with regal names like Miss Amber, Mr. Lincoln, Princess De Monaco, Queen Elizabeth and Diana Princess of Wales all contributed fragrant blooms which were placed in pretty vases.


CIMG4533 (768x1024)


And in pitchers high atop cabinets where curious kitties wouldn’t reach them or nibble them like the ones on the table



Someone is very sleepy and probably not even thinking about nibbling flowers…..


Joining the fun at these parties:

Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

Show And Tell Friday at My Romantic Home

Saturday Show Off at Rose Garden in Malevik


4 thoughts on “From my garden this week

  1. Oh how I have envy – you live in paradise! Roses, Amaryllis and figs (almost ripe) all look so beautiful, Your flowers in your home are stunning. But I understand the placing up high from Mr, adorable Sleepy. My Max couldn’t stay away from flowers, lol. Thanks for your visit to snowy Philadelphia.

    • Thanks for stopping by Vera! I think kitties love to smell flowers just as much as people do. One of these days I will post some pictures of all the knocked over flower vase accidents that my kitty girls have caused when they’ve gotten overly enthusiastic with their sniffing!

  2. Oh sweet friend, your flowers are gorgeous! Perfect for the romantic month too.
    Your flower arrangements at home are simply beautiful along with the lovely vases you’ve used for them.
    Thanks for your sweet visit to see my bundt pans. Ok, I found out they sell the Banana loaf in Amazon and here is the code for it: Banana Bread Loaf Nordic Ware pan… 7607199.
    This should help you.

    • Thanks so much Fabby! I was just over at Amazon checking out the link , unfortunately they are out of it right now as well but I put the pan on my Amazon “wish list” so that I can easily keep an eye on it and see when it’s in stock again! Un abrazo!

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