Two Tables in Teal

CIMG3772 (1024x768)

These little wooden tables have gone under the brush before.  Their first facelift was two or three years ago when they went from boring brown to a soft buttery yellow. They’re just cheapy little wood tables that I purchased to use as temporary night stands in my bedroom up at the mountain house.  They were quite rustic when I bought them and I had the impression that they were probably made out of old beat up recycled wood. People do that alot here in Costa Rica, which of course is a good thing. I’m all for recycling. But rustic just isn’t my favorite look so I painted them faux chalk paint yellow. You can read about that fiasco here.  The legs were long and spindly not to mention wiggly. I guess whoever made these wasn’t much concerned about proportions because the long legs made them look sort of like shelves on stilts. I added the little plywood shelf at the bottom of each table which gave them quite a bit more stability and reduced the stilty look somewhat. I also added some wooden appliques to the front. Here they are in all their hideous rustic glory:

brown tables (1024x768)

After the yellow paint and the appliques, they ended up looking like this:

yellow (768x1024)

Fast forward to last month when I finally got around to painting an old bedroom set that used to be in my daughter’s room. That set has now replaced all the unmatched pieces that were in my bedroom at the mountain house including these two little tables. For some strange reason, I had become oddly fond of them after all this time and I didn’t want to throw them out or give them away so decided to find a new location for them. One table was placed on the stair landing and the other went in the downstairs hallway. But yellow just wasn’t cutting it anymore…they seemed a bit too pale for their new location. They didn’t really blend well with the Moroccan pattern of the stair risers.

CIMG2598 (768x1024)

Now, I usually don’t like furniture in loud colors but on an impulse I went out and purchased a can of teal paint. And then crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t be sorry afterwards.

CIMG3726 (1024x768)

CIMG3732 (1024x768)

Three coats of teal paint later, they looked like this:

CIMG3733 (1024x768)

The only drawback to the teal paint was that the appliques seemed to become nearly invisible so I highlighted the deeper lines with gold paint to make them stand out a bit.

CIMG3775 (1024x768)

CIMG3757 (1024x768)

CIMG3766 (768x1024)

So here they are with their new facelifts in their new locations:

CIMG3771 (768x1024)

CIMG3742 (1024x768)

CIMG3770 (768x1024)

And here is the other identical one in the downstairs hallway

CIMG3783 (768x1024)

After a thorough inspection of the tables and their new color, Semsema has given them both her seal of approval.

CIMG3769 (768x1024)

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2 thoughts on “Two Tables in Teal

  1. I think your relove of these two tables took them from plain to amazing with a wonderful color punch. They look fantastic in their new location and I love your stairs.

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