Bedroom Evolution


A couple of weeks ago I was looking through some files on my desktop computer and was pleasantly surprised to find several folders of old pictures that I didn’t even remember I had. Among the things I found were some photos of the main bedroom up at the mountain house in various stages of completion starting from the time we purchased the half finished house back in 2012 to other more recent pictures that I snapped at the beginning of this year which show the bedroom in it’s present state after various tweaks and changes. It’s amazing just how much junk  cool stuff one can accumulate in such a short period of time. I think I must have started snapping pictures from the moment we purchased the house because there are several photos that were taken before the bedroom walls were even completed and the entire room was still at the mercy of the howling wind and frequent thunderstorms. I remember being relieved when all the walls were finally done.


Not that it made a whole lot of difference though because the windows were not installed until much later so the room was still very drafty. So much so, that I ended up reducing the size of the windows that had been drawn in the original floorplan because they really did make the room too cold and houses don’t have heating systems here. The lack of central heating is usually not a problem because it’s pretty warm in most parts of this country, heaters aren’t often necessary. But in higher altitudes it can get quite nippy especially at night, so some folks do have portable heaters just in case.


Once the construction work was done, I dusted the cobwebs off a hand carved Louis XV bed and matching dresser which we had purchased many years ago in Ecuador for the guest bedroom.  They had been in storage gathering dust after we moved to Costa Rica.


The white lace curtains were also taken out of their plastic storage bags (finally!!) and hung. My mother had purchased them for me in England when she lived in Europe in the 1980s but she had bought me so many that there were some that I had never even used. Finally I had enough windows for all of them after all these years!  Other lacy panels in different designs were hung in the downstairs bedrooms.


The two inexpensive little wooden tables that serve as nightstands were eventually painted yellow. Those were purchased locally.


The small window above the bed had originally been a floor to ceiling window and it was one of the ones that I decided to reduce in size. That left a sort of awkward niche in that wall that was just large enough to fit the headboard in to. I don’t really like that niche but I figure it could have been worse.


I eventually added an antique Persian carpet which is a deliciously warm treat when the tile floors get too cold. The Capodimonte wash stand in the corner was another gift from mom and was purchased in Italy years ago.


Several left over fringed scarves from Egypt and beaded shawls from India were also unpacked and now do double duty as window treatments. I hated to see them packed away and was glad to find a use for them. One can never have too much fringe or bling, I say.


Last year I decided that the all white walls needed a little bit of color. I actually like white…I like it for about a week and then I become so bored with it that I could scream. So I painted the niche behind the bed in what I thought was a soft pastel aqua shade. At least that’s how it looked in the can, but once it was on the wall it was a different story. It was more like Easter egg blue, which is great on eggs but it was hideous on the wall. I hated it from the moment I applied the final brushstroke. I was only able to live with it for a short time before I had to repaint it in something less loud. Yellow turned out to be a much better choice.


And so I figured I was pretty much done but now all these months later the bedroom is about to go through yet one more metamorphosis. I’m currently in the process of re-painting an old bedroom set that used to be in my daughter’s room at our city house. It’s a beautiful solid wood set that was also purchased in Ecuador years ago. Now that we have recently remodeled our city house and one of my daughters has moved to her own place I’ve ended up with a bunch of extra bedroom furniture. I briefly considered selling it or putting it in storage but I think it will actually be a better fit up at the mountain house. It’s actually quite a nice bedroom ensemble which just needs a bit of TLC.  Problem is…I’m painting it white, go figure.  Ah well. I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see how long it’ll be before it gets repainted once more.


Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

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