Chandelier in Black and White


Hello! I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while because we have been going through a major renovation of our city house since December and I’ve barely had time for anything. Talk about stressful!  This place has been a nuthouse for over three months and I actually ended up in the emergency room with a severe case of combined gastritis and colitis caused by the strain of having a houseful of construction workers making as much noise and mess as is humanly possible. The doctor wasn’t really very encouraging and he sagely informed me that my symptoms would dissapear once the remodeling was done. Well, I have to admit that he was actually right. Even though there are a few things that still need to be finished up (I’m still waiting on the new granite counter tops to be delivered) and I am still washing the dishes in the laundry room, most of the remodeling is done, the workers are gone and I’m feeling much better. I had begun to despair that they’d never leave!  Anyone who has ever had any remodeling work done in Costa Rica knows that if they tell you they can do it in a month, you can count on it being at least three months. That’s if you’re lucky.  Now that things have settled down a bit,  I finally had time to finish up a few projects that I had left on stand-by including this black and white chandelier that I’d started to work on last year. I bought it at a garage sale where it sat forlornly in an old cardboard box gathering dust under a table of books. It started life out as an insipid beige and brass thing.


It was quite ugly but it had good bones. The plastic bobeches were beyond hideous and I had originally planned to replace them with sparkly lead crystal bobeches. Upon removing them however, I discovered that the center hole was unusually tiny and I realized that I would be unable to find crystal bobeches with such a small diameter hole. I had no choice but to recycle them. I stripped the lamp bare, removing the bobeches, the crystals and the bulbs with their sleeves.



The crystals needed a good scrubbing with soap and water.


They sparkled like new.


Then the chandelier got three coats of black spray paint.


So did the plastic bobeches.


But even after I spray painted them they were still about as plain and uninteresting as they had been when they were beige. Since I was unable to replace them with lead crystal bobeches, I decided to make them as sparkly as possible so I covered them in aurora borealis swarovsky rhinestone chain.


Then I hung the large clear crystal prisms back on.



I also added black octagon crystal chain and large black teardrop crystals. The old rusted nuts and bolts that held the bobeches in place were replaced with shiny new ones.

nuts bolts pendants 2

Handmade fimo clay roses topped each strand of crystal chain and I also hot glued some roses on to the center part of the lamp.




I usually don’t decorate in black and white because I prefer brighter colors, but I have to admit that I really like how this chandy turned out. Maybe it’s the sparkle factor that makes me like it so much. I hung it in my bedroom right over my bed so that it’s the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning, and the last thing I see when I close them at night.



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