Washer and Dryer Retro Re-do


Our city house is going through a major and much needed renovation (finally!) We’ve lived in this house since 1996 when we bought it from the family who built it. Even though we repaired and replaced many things during the first two or three years including the roof, the floor, the doors and the windows, we’d always maintained the house’s original layout. But all these years later I felt that I’d lived with someone else’s floorpan long enough and so, renovations began. The laundry room was one of the first areas that we remodeled or I should say, relocated. It used to be out in the back which meant that I had to cross the back yard to get to it, often in the rain.  Now it’s conveniently situated off the kitchen. Hubby wanted to go out and buy a brand new washer and dryer set for the new laundry room but I honestly didn’t think we needed one, our washer was only four or five years old and our dryer was almost new. Well, ok, it wasn’t new at all but at least it was good as new on the inside. However, on the outside it looked about as old as Methuselah.  We had bought this dryer in the early 90s when we lived in Ecuador and we brought it with us when we moved to Costa Rica but I’d hardly ever used it in all those years. I always line dry my laundry and only use the dryer on those rare occasions when the sun hides out for several days. That’s not really too often. Unfortunately the elements as well as moving from place to place had taken their toll on the dryer’s exterior. The paint had chipped and peeled and rust covered much of the top and sides. The control panel was stained and had a dent in it.  I figured that it was at least worth a try to repaint it even though I’d never attempted to paint an appliance before. Fortunately there were several online sites that explained how to paint metal and it really wasn’t that difficult. Here’s what it looked like before I began. No wonder hubby wanted to buy a new one.




The first thing that needed to be done was to remove every trace of rust. That meant sanding. A lot of  sanding. I think I must have sanded for hours until all the rust was completely gone and the metal gleamed.


Next I sprayed the sanded areas with Sherwin William’s Self Etching Primer. I’d never used it before and I must say that that stuff is really great. It fills in the little pock marks and the uneven areas very nicely. After the primer dried I sanded yet again to smooth it out and re-applied another coat in the spots where it was necessary. Once the primer had dried and was sanded and smoothed again, I sprayed the dryer with Bosny white enamel spray paint, applying three or four thin even coats until it was completely covered and the surface looked perfectly smooth. I painted the door and the lint catcher door in a retro turquoise color reminiscent of those bright appliances that were so popular back in the day.



The only problem was that now the washer didn’t match. Well, not that it ever did….it’s a completely different style, but I figured a little bit of color wouldn’t hurt and it might tie it in just a tad with the dryer.


The washer was in good shape and it didn’t have any peeling or chipped paint so I just painted the top of it to match the dryer.


Then I added a decal to the front


And a matching decal on the front of the dryer



My kitty Leyla thinks it’s a great place to sleep and it’s her new favorite spot to hang out. I put her little crochet blanket on top so she’ll be more comfortable.


Since we won’t have to buy a new washer and dryer anymore and I saved hubs all that money, I’m thinking that now we can buy new living room furniture instead….muahaha.


Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

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4 thoughts on “Washer and Dryer Retro Re-do

  1. Wow! What an adorable transformation! I also think it is kitty approved! We have lived in our Rowhomes since 1979 and throughout the years we have gutted and refigured rooms. I completely agree with what you said about changing the floor plan to satisfy your needs.

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