Surprise Tomatoes


A humble little tomato plant sprang up among my Amaryllis bulbs recently. I have no clue who planted it, I know I sure didn’t, so I was pleasantly surprised when I spied the little plant last month even though I was doubtful as to whether it would set fruit or not. But set fruit it did! I’ve counted 35 tomatoes so far and they’re still coming.


My courtyard at our city house has red brick pavers set on the ground and there are only a few small patches of soil where I have plants that will tolerate alot of rainfall. The rest of the courtyard plants are in pots. A couple of months ago I had to enclose the area around my Amaryllis bulbs with garden mesh because my kitties insisted on using it as a litter box. The mesh effectively stopped them from going in there anymore, but I have the feeling that that’s why that lone tomato plant is now going overboard with the tomato production. It had lots of  kitty fertilizer. I also kind of have the feeling that that’s how the seed got in there in the first place. Ewwww.


Today when I went to pick a few of the tomatoes that had ripened I discovered that a large green spider had woven a beautiful web right in front of the two largest, ripest ones. I didn’t have the heart to disturb him. He seemed so watchful, holding perfectly still just waiting for his lunch to fly by. So I left those two tomatoes for another day.


I did get some nice plump ripe ones from a neighbouring branch, which  quickly became part of a delicious spaghetti sauce.



One thought on “Surprise Tomatoes

  1. Wow love this story of kitty serendipity! Amazing how tomatoes grew from nowhere… They do look beautiful, plump and tasty.
    Thank you for visiting my new post and leaving your sweet comment. I wish you luck with the giveaway.

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