From my Garden


Those weird Costa Rican tree Dahlias are starting to bloom again. Last week end when I went up to the mountain house I noticed several of the trees in full bloom. There was one in my yard down below the slope and many more in the empty neighboring lots so I decided to pick as many as I could reach. They make nice cut flowers and they’re long lasting.



The Alpinia bushes that line our property on both sides were heavy with flowers as well. Alpinias make nice cut flowers too. They have long stems and can last up to a week in water. They’re also very colorful and showy.



I went a bit scissor crazy and I ended up with enough flowers for two vases. Alas, no fragrance to either of these but what they lack in fragrance they make up for in color.



It rained all week end and even though I was bored to death not being able to go outside, the plants in my garden seemed grateful for the refreshing shower. Off in the distance the alpinias stand out with their red torch-like blooms.


The tree Dahlias with their pastel lavender flowers can be seen way at the bottom of the slope. They can grow very tall.



Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

Joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home


2 thoughts on “From my Garden

  1. Lovely post of your flowers. It’s nice to see someone is in a growing cycle, we in Philadelphia are preparing for an Arctic blast. I think the only flowers I will have in my home for awhile will be store bought!

    • Thanks Vera! I saw that on the news this week! It seems that several areas in the US are going through a really icy spell right now. My son lives in Denver and they’ve had freezing weather as well. Stay warm!

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