Halloween Bead Tree

Tree 14

I haven’t done alot of Halloween decorating for quite some time, at least not since I lived in the states.  I remember that as a kid growing up in California, my mom and I did tons of fun Halloween crafts and decorations all throughout October. But since moving to Latin America where even ordinary pumpkins are almost non-existent and trick or treaters are a rare sight, the holiday has quietly passed us by  year after year. Other  than cookies and the occasional jack o lantern we haven’t done much of the traditional stuff for a while. This year I decided that I would do a bit of decorating around the house, if only for nostalgia’s sake even if that meant putting up with snark from my kids who think I’ve had some kind of a regression back to childhood. Maybe I have. Hehe. However, Halloween decorating in Costa Rica is not as easy as it sounds as I was soon to discover and there isn’t much available in the way of decorations or accessories. People just have to do alot of DIY and crafting or else pay through the teeth at the few stores who DO carry a limited selection of Halloween items. Like pumpkins for $14 dollars each at the grocery store for example! Pumpkins don’t grow well in rainy climates, hence the price tag and they only sell them at one particular chain of supermarkets. I ended up making fabric pumpkins and I even made my own Halloween dishware. I also fashioned a centerpiece for the table out of a sinister looking branch that I found in a wooded area up at the mountain house. I started out by spray painting it black.


But then I thought it looked too black. So I applied a glue wash and sprinkled on some coppery colored glitter to give it a bit of sparkle.


And then I put it in a glass vase and fixed it in place with black and orange acrylic pebbles. Fortunately they do carry these acrylic pebbles (maybe they’re acrylic stones?) at most craft stores here in all different colors.


Next I added some orange and black party beads, a few plastic jack o’lanterns and some wiggly metal skeletons. I purchased all of these things on Ebay as I couldn’t find any of them locally.


And some ravens….

Tree 4

The ravens didn’t come with open feathery wings like the one in this picture, they were just those inexpensive little ravens that come half a dozen to a package and they all look like clones of each other so since I had a bag of black craft feathers I figured I could make some nifty spread out wings for all of them. Unfortunately while working on the first raven I burned the living daylights out of my fingers and thumb to the point where I got three nasty blisters. I quickly put the glue gun away and decided….Nevermore!

A couple of skeleton hands completed the project.


And I was done.


Pay no attention to the sleeping black cat. She is part of the Halloween decor.






Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

Joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home


2 thoughts on “Halloween Bead Tree

  1. I almost choked when I read pumpkins cost 14 dollars at the grocery store! YIKES! I am so impressed with your inventive DIY Halloween decor. Really fun and I love your black cat.

    • Thanks Vera! 14 dollars is for a medium sized pumpkin. Larger ones cost more. It’s mind boggling. I actually tried growing my own this year and in May I planted a variety that was touted as “mildew resistant”. By July they were all covered in downey mildew and by August all 15 vines were dead. Lol.

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