Witch/Zombie Finger Cookies



I’ve seen these witch finger cookies on several blogs and of course I had to jump on the bandwagon. They’re fun to make but even more fun is the look of horror on people’s faces when they set eyes on them because even close up they look creepily real. Few things have the shock factor of a severed finger. But no matter how grossed out folks are initially, it quickly dissipates when they get a whiff of the sweet fragrance and buttery goodness of these Halloween cookies. I just used my favorite sugar cookie recipe (mine is from the Betty Crocker cookbook) and I add about 1/3 cup extra flour to the original recipe so that the cookies will hold their finger shape in the oven and they don’t end up spreading out flat and thin.


Shape the dough into 4 inch strips much thinner than your own finger. They grow in the oven and you don’t want to end up with cigars. You can make them knuckly and bony looking by shaping the strips and making them wider and narrower much like a finger would look. Add a slivered and pointy almond to the tip of each strip and press down gently, just a bit. I actually dabbed a bit of beaten eggwhite to the tip of each strip before pressing the almond sliver on, so that the eggwhite would act as a glue and the almond wouldn’t pop off in the oven as the cookies baked. The knuckles are made by pressing on the dough with a dull knife and marking several lines. To give the fingers a grimy look, sprinkle with a bit of cocoa powder.


Some people like to add red gel to make them look bloody, but I think they look creepy enough without the “blood”.



Bon Appetit!


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