Under the rainbow

rainbow )

This colorful rainbow appeared above my garden on several occasions over the past week. At times it was accompanied by an identical twin that hovered delicately above it. Other times it appeared alone, it’s colors emblazoned across the sky in a huge and brilliant arc like a floating gateway to the valley below. It’s not unusual to see rainbows and double rainbows in Costa Rica. Oftentimes it rains while the sun is shining, causing the raindrops to refract the sunlight and creating distinct stripes of  intense color. Surely a rainbow this beautiful must have a huge pot of gold at it’s end, hidden there by some sprite or garden fairy. Maybe even two pots of gold, one at either end.

rainbnow 2

This was the morning view from an upstairs window. Down below my half-finished fish pond project.

Fabby and Luca

My grandson and his older sister were anxious to start searching for that pot of fairy gold that was likely hidden underneath the flowers, after all both ends of the rainbow were firmly planted in my garden.

Vivi Luca

But alas, no matter how much they searched and dug and poked with their fingers, the only thing they found were earthworms. That’s fine with me though. Earthworms are indeed  a treasure in any flower garden.

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Saturday Show Off at The Rose Garden in Malevik


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