Floor Lamp Make-over


While checking through Craigslist last week I spied an ad for a moving sale. The family was leaving the country and heading back to the U.S. so they were selling all their household items. They had some really beautiful furniture and mirrors, knick-knacks and rugs (I might go back for the rugs hehehe) as well as several lamps, among them two floor lamps that I really liked so I bought them. One of them was a brass Art Deco Egyptian Revival style lamp (more about that in a future post) and the other was a somber looking thin brown lamp with a wooden base and a beige shade. I have to say that out of every color that exists, beige has to be my least favorite. So I’d barely gotten the lamp out of the car and up the stairs when my head was already buzzing with ideas about how I might revamp it and make it more colorful.

The first thing I decided was that I wasn’t going to go out and buy a single thing. I wanted to decorate the lamp using stuff I already had because the last thing I needed was more left-over crafting materials. So I would make do with whatever I could find on hand.

This is how it looked when I brought it home

This is how it looked when I brought it home

I had some scraps of lace in lavender, dark purple and pink and it was difficult to decide which one to use because I really liked them all but I finally settled on the pink. I just used regular Elmer’s glue to glue the lace on to the lampshade. Once that was dry I searched in my bag of trims for some gimp trim but to my disappointment I couldn’t find any. I was really tempted to go out and buy some at the fabric store because that’s what I had envisioned over each of the spokes on the shade as well as on the top and bottom edge. But again, I was determined to work with what I already had in the house so I dug out some spools of  Swarovski rhinestone chain and used that instead of the gimp trim. It wasn’t as wide as I wanted, but it was certainly alot sparklier. I then added two kinds of beaded fringe, fuchsia and black to the bottom edge. (Because I couldn’t  decide which one)

This is after glueing on the lace fabric, the rhinestone chain over the spokes and the two fringes.

This is how it looked after glueing on the lace fabric, the rhinestone chain over the spokes and the two fringes.

But that left me with an unsightly  3/4 inch black satin edging all around the top and bottom of the shade. I had about a yard or so of gold sequin trim to glue over the bottom edge and effectively hide the black satin but there wasn’t enough for the top edge so I used a larger Swarovski gold rhinestone chain around the top. I also had several strands of  crystal octagon chain and some crystal teardrop pendants left over from my chandelier projects. A bit much? Well yeah, maybe it is. But I was on a roll and I couldn’t stop.



I still had to do something to the front of the lamp because it still looked kind of boring. I discovered that the blue silk flower I had originally planned to glue on the front side clashed hideously with the fuchsia fringe so I was forced to resort to plan B. That involved stealing a pale pink rose from the silk arrangement on my dining room table and two Marabou feather hair clips from my daughter’s drawer.



And some peacock feathers from the vase in my living room.


A few random pearls from an old broken necklace.


And it was done. Best of all, I didn’t go out and buy a single thing. Yay.



I took the lamp up to the mountain house and  put it in my bedroom where it looked right at home.

Lamp 4


Lamp 5


Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

Joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home

4 thoughts on “Floor Lamp Make-over

  1. I love your new lamp shade with all the glitz, it’s fun and yet elegant! Your bedroom is lovely too. I always loved a gradfather’s clock as tall as yours. How amazing you lived in Ecuador, we could’ve been friends! I bet yu lived in my town in Cuenca, where now it seems we have so many repats from the USA, Canada and some European countries as well.
    Have a lovely Mother’s Day ahead.

    • Thank you Fabby! I think we actually lived in Ecuador during the same time period and it would have been lovely to visit and have tea! I lived in Guayaquil for about 10 years but I have family in Cuenca too. Now I live in Costa Rica. Saludos!

  2. Hi sweetie, I cannot believe that I have not seen your blog before. I have been blogging for 6 years now. It is nice to meet you. I am considering a little adventure and moving to Equador or Costa Rica or someplace in central America for a few years. Still looking for the perfect place for me. Would love to chat with you about the possibilities.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

    • Hi there! It’s nice to meet you too! How exciting that you’re thinking of relocating to a new country. Feel free to ask me about whatever is on your mind, I’d be happy to help out in any way I can!

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