Lately I’ve become sort of obsessed with blue and white dinnerware. I guess alot of people must share my love of blue and white china because there are many different patterns of it out there. Right off the bat I can think of Blue Danube, Blue Onion, Blue Chatham, Blue Willow, Lomonosov blue and white and the list goes on. I guess now I can add another blue and white dinnerware pattern to that list, but I have to think of a name for it first.   Blue Homemade maybe? Or Blue DIY?  I made these blue and white pieces myself, they’re partly hand painted and partly decorated with ceramic decals. Not that I needed any more blue and white dinnerware but what the heck. I can mix and match all the different patterns and most people  don’t really even notice that they aren’t exactly the same unless they are very observant. I started out with several greenware pieces that I bought at a local ceramic supply store that was having a going-out-of-business sale.


This was to become a cheese dome. Or a covered cake plate maybe.

After three kiln firings this cheese dome ended up looking like this:



I didn’t really need another blue and white teapot but I figured an extra one might come in handy for serving tea when the other one was being used to serve coffee. Or vice versa. Much to my dismay however, after all those firings my teapot wouldn’t hold any liquid. I took it to the kiln four times and re-glazed it several times inside and out. But every time I filled it everything would just slowly seep out. There were no visible cracks anywhere so I was puzzled. Then I remembered having read that hairline cracks or fissures in ceramic could be fixed by boiling the piece in milk. Apparently its a method that has been used since Roman times . The casein in the milk acts as a natural cement and permanently seals any small cracks. I am usually the first to balk at home remedies but I didn’t have anything to lose. So I boiled the teapot in milk for about 30 minutes and after letting it cool and washing it out, I filled it with water. To my complete surprise not a single drop leaked out! I was seriously astonished. I’ve used the teapot several times since then and it hasn’t leaked so far.


The teacup and saucer are from my Blue Danube set

I had several greenware plates in different shapes and sizes, among them  three flat plates that I thought might work to make a tiered cupcake plate. Can’t have too many of those, right? So while the clay was still soft I poked a hole in the middle of each one.


I fired them, glazed them and added some ceramic decals then sent them to the kiln once more to fix the designs permanently.


Then I bought one of those inexpensive center metal fittings kits for tiered plates on Ebay and screwed them into the holes.


It was as simple as fitting them into the center holes and screwing everything securely into place.




A little oval serving tray can always come in handy too.


Some time ago I saw some adorable blue and white bunnies from The Bombay Company which gave me the idea to make my own bunnies to use as decorations with my blue and white plates.








I think they all go well with my Blue Danube dinnerware


And with my Blue Chatham tea set too.




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  1. How clever you are,they all look fabulous. I adore blue and white china. You also gave me an idea. I have a pink roses tired cake stand,but the centre fitting has come loose and can’t be tightened. I have held onto it for years because it’s so pretty. I wasn’t aware that I could purchase a new screw. I’ll now go and look on Ebay.
    I am visiting from My Romantic Home. “)

  2. You are extremely talented. I LOVE the pieces you have made and am so very impressed with your ability to see plain ceramics and create such lovely items. Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

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