DIY Magnetic Chandelier Crystals


A couple of years ago I bought two identical lamps that had been marked down considerably in price.  They were in perfect condition but were actually nothing more than bare lamp  bases that only had a few dusty glass teardrop pendants hanging from them. All the embellishments were missing which was the reason they were on sale. They were marked down to about 15 or 20 dollars each and that was really a bargain. I decided to hang them in my bedroom because it’s a long narrow room with high ceilings and I could fit both of them in there quite nicely.  I wanted to use good quality lead crystal on these two lamps because I was aiming for maximum sparkle, so I used Swarovski 24% lead crystal octagon chain as well as 2 inch Asfour 30% lead crystal teardrops.  Unfortunately, lead crystal chandelier parts are very expensive so I’ve had to buy them a little at a time. (More about different qualities of lamp crystals  here. ) So this is what the lamps looked like when I brought them home from the store:

ssThe first thing I did was to add swags of crystal chain. Thats was a snap because the base of the “candles” each came with two little holes in them and I was able to loop the chain through there. I also bought some crystal bobeches which came with 5 gold eye hooks where I was able to hang the Asfour teardrops as well as looping additional octagon chain from there.


DSCF0009So for about a year, the two lamps only had  some crystal swags and a few teardrop shaped crystals hanging from the bobeches. But I really wanted to add to them and make them look fuller. However, the lamps weren’t really designed for hanging so many crystals on them and they  didn’t have anymore hanging holes left. I briefly thought about climbing up on the ladder with the power drill but quickly put that thought out of my mind.


This is how they looked for about a year….kind of skimpy.

DSCF0028By coincidence I happened to be watching  HGTV  one day when I saw  a designer hang some huge magnetic crystal pendants from a chandelier. I’d never heard of such a thing but I was intrigued. This sounded like the perfect solution for my lamps. So I searched for magnetic crystals online and was dismayed to find that they cost about 25 dollars each! Ouch. There was no way I was going to pay that much, especially since I wanted to add alot of them to my lamps. There had to be a less expensive way. And there was. Enter the humble, made in china, jewelry magnet. These little suckers are powerful, they hold a surprising amount of weight and they come in several colors that match lamps perfectly. (gold, silver, shiny bronze, matte bronze) and the best part is that they only cost about 6 dollars for 20 pairs shipping included.

ssEach set consists of two magnet halves that are so strong you actually have to pry them apart. They come with a little loop on them and that’s where I fastened the connectors that come on the crystals.

ssAnd then I just stuck them to the lamps. That’s it!  It can’t get any easier. They hold the heavy lead crystal teardrops and chain swags perfectly and in fact you actually have to yank hard to get the magnets to come off the lamp.



ssThese magnets also come in handy for renters who are stuck with less than attractive light fixtures and want to jazz them up. They can deck the fixtures out with crystals and when they move then they can just pull them off and take the crystals to re-use on another lamp.  The magnets will stick to practically any type of metal except solid brass.



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9 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Chandelier Crystals

  1. Oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS. I have never heard of the magnets! What a fabulous idea. Really, you have done a marvelous job in creating something so beautiful. Susan

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