It’s Holiday Decorating Time Once More

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Well, I finally got around to putting up all the Christmas trees.  I think I did quite well because I assembled and decorated 3 trees in less than 24 hours. That’s a record for me considering that it’s not something I enjoy doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see houses all decorated for the holiday season and I sometimes spend endless hours drooling over all the beautiful Christmas decorations that other people post pictures of in their blogs. I wish my house looked like some of those but mostly I wish I had the patience to decorate like that. Particularly when I know it’s only temporary. Unfortunately I start to yawn the minute I begin pulling out the Christmas boxes from the storage room. At the risk of sounding like Scrooge,  I must admit that this year I left several boxes full of Christmas items untouched.  It was simply too much to unpack (and then re-pack after Christmas) so I decided that this year my motto would be Less Is More.  I began with the 9 foot monster tree.


This is the one that takes me the longest to assemble and decorate because I have to keep climbing up and down the ladder in order to reach the top branches.


After the faux scotch pine was done, I put some simple decorations on the mantle above the fireplace.  The criteria was that it not take me more than 20 minutes to complete.

BeFunky_CIMG5875 copy.jpg

My daughter brought me this little wooden Christmas tree from Russia when she was there a couple of years ago.

My daughter brought me this little wooden Christmas tree from Russia when she was there a couple of years ago.

I saw a beautiful crochet tablecloth a few months ago on Fabby’s wonderful blog   (here: Fabby’s Living)  which totally inspired me to start using some of the crochet items that I have stored away in plastic bags. My mother in law does beautiful crochet work and several years ago she gifted me with a gorgeous twin sized crochet bedspread. I rarely used it on any of the beds because I was always afraid that my kids would snag it with their shoes or with the snaps on their jeans, but I thought it might look nice as a tablecloth and best of all  nobody would sit on it, so I placed it over a large piece of red fabric that I found in my fabric stash. I honestly have no idea where that red fabric came from but it turned out to be a perfect liner. The bedspread/tablecloth  even had a snowflake design that I’d never noticed before.


BeFunky_CIMG5853 copy.jpg

BeFunky_CIMG5858 copy.jpg



I ran out of table space so I set the Nativity on a slab of marble on the floor next to the sliding glass door.


It has always baffled me why nativity sets always have the baby Jesus wearing nothing but a diaper while everyone else is all bundled up in layers of clothing.  I decided to make a little linen blanket for Him sprinkled with golden stars. Now He looks warm.

It has often baffled me that nativity sets always have the baby Jesus wearing nothing but a diaper while everyone else is all bundled up in layers of clothing. I decided to wrap him in a little star sprinkled  linen blanket so that He looks as warm as everyone else does.

On the stairs leading to the second floor I added a few swags of pine garland and bows. The Moroccan lanterns  and  dancer figurines are there year round.


BeFunky_CIMG5886 copy.jpg

BeFunky_CIMG5890 copy.jpg

Upstairs in the family room I have a pre-lit 4 ft. silver tree that I bought on Ebay for about seven dollars. That one was a snap to decorate because the lights are already strung, so I just hung a few green and red balls on it and some bows.




Upstairs in my bedroom I set up a small 1960’s aluminum tree complete with a vintage color wheel and rotating tree stand. This one is decorated in pink and fuchsia. I also have a 6 ft. vintage aluminum tree as well as another 4 ft. one, but those are at our other house. They’re my favorite Christmas trees of all  because they remind me of my childhood Christmases and they’re also quick and easy to set up and decorate. No lights to fuss with on these, however  that color wheel makes them sparkle and change colors constantly.


Semsema was my assitant. She would follow me up and down the stairs just waiting for one of those colorful plastic ball ornaments to slip out of my hands so she could run off and play with it.  She loves Christmas decorating because there’s always alot of fun stuff to get her little claws into.


Joining Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage

Joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home


3 thoughts on “It’s Holiday Decorating Time Once More

  1. I love your C’mas home, simply gorgeous! Thanks for the shout out on my crocheted tablecloth and yours is beautiful with stars and all, perfect! Your huge tree is wonderful, I too downsized from last years, I’m too tired to do any more,lol! Wow, small world, you knew about Zhumir! Yes, in the US we aqlways bought eggnog, but here I’ve been making it for so many years, but no more.
    Where do you live? I wanted to follow you, but couldn’t find the link. Thank you for visting me you made my day!

    • Thank you so much Fabby! My grandma used to make a delicious egg nog on the stove (Ecuadorian recipe) but it took a long time to cook, additionally it was important to be careful not to overheat the milk otherwise it would get a funny smoked taste. Thank goodness that it’s available ready made at the grocery store where I live too! I live in Costa Rica now. Yes, I know Zhumir quite well. When we lived in Ecuador they only made one type of Zhumir, but now I see that they have expanded quite a bit and make several different products. BTW there’s a “follow” link on the right side of the page.

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