Blue Chatham blues


Years ago when my mom lived in Germany she worked part time in a small shop that sold fine china as well as other fine decor items.  Once in a while they would end up with left over odd pieces of porcelain dinnerware which would be marked down drastically and placed on sale. One of these pieces was this beautiful Blue Chatham pattern teapot. My mother actually bought several pieces of this pattern and divided them up between my grandma and me when she came back from Germany.

The teapot didn’t come with the creamer or the sugar bowl nor the teacups, so I had it up on display on a shelf along with the rest of my teapot collection.


I had  occasionally searched for the two missing pieces on Ebay but I was dissapointed to find that this pattern was discontinued and pieces were either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.  But the other day I got lucky and I found both the creamer and the sugar bowl for a very reasonable price, from two different Ebay sellers. I snatched them up ASAP before they disappeared forever.  Now the three piece set is complete.



My mom had also bought me this soup tureen in the same pattern


And these two little oval serving bowls



Even though I don’t have the teacups and saucers, I think Blue Chatham goes quite well with my Blue Danube teacups, don’t you think?



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7 thoughts on “Blue Chatham blues

  1. These blue and White pieces are swoonnnnn!!!!! I love them, the teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and the lovely platters! Thank you for your kind visit.

    • Thank you so much Fabby! I’ve been trying to add to this assortment of blue and white pieces and I’m actually in the process of making some myself. I’ll post pictures of my own contributions to this collection after they come back from the kiln!

  2. Hi! I am researching the value, or what my new little Blue Chatham creamer is going for…
    It is just like yours, and I am delighted to learn there are other pieces to keep a watch for. As for this little creamer, it will look so nice with my 18th century things (I am a re-enactor). And I certainly was not going to leave behind at a $1.99!!!

    • Wow what a steal! You really scored on that creamer. The good thing about Blue Chatham is that it can also be mixed and matched with other blue and white patterns to form a collection….rather than a matching set!

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