Resurrected Silver


After years of searching for a good (and fast working) silver cleaner, I recently located one at a nearby jewelry store. I would never have thought of buying a silver cleaner at a jewelry store but hey, this is Costa Rica. The only place to find silver cleaner around these parts is where they sell silver. Go figure. I knew it was good the minute I took the lid off and that characteristic Tarn-x like smell hit me, sort of like rotten eggs.  I’ve never been able to find TarnX outside the U.S. Over the years I have tried every  single silver cleaning method known to man and absolutely nothing had worked.  I’d read all of those “cleaning tips” sites where they tell you to place a piece of aluminum foil at the bottom of a pan of boiling water and then add salt or baking soda.Then supposedly when your silver pieces touch the aluminum foil, magic occurs and  voila! The tarnish miraculously dissapears right before your eyes. Well, no it doesn’t. This method never worked for me in any of it’s variations, unfortunately.  I also tried making a paste out of baking soda and water and then rubbing my silver pieces with it but the only thing that I managed to wipe clean off with this were my fingerprints. My hands ended up raw from the rubbing and scrubbing and I wasn’t about to try and clean all my silver this way. Then I read somewhere that toothpaste was the one of the best kept secrets as far as tarnish removal. One tube of Crest later my silver was smelling minty fresh, but was still quite black.  In desperation I tried paste dishwashing soap which worked somewhat better than the other methods, but not nearly enough to make my silver sparkle. So I was quite pleased to find a silver cleaner that had that familiar stinky smell. I knew this was the real deal. I decided to start with some old silverware that I had stored in a plastic bag in the laundry room.  My mom had bought them for me at a garage sale in the 80s. I have no idea how old they are and I honestly don’t remember ever cleaning them.


There were mostly spoons of different sizes and patterns, a few forks and one knife. I vaguely remember using some of the knives as screwdrivers many years ago so who knows where they ended up. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame now that I am older and wiser. At least I have all the spoons.  This is the sad condition they were in.



I figured I would clean up two or three spoons each day until I was done so that I wouldn’t get bored and tired with the chore, there were alot of them after all. But I got so excited when I saw the before and after difference that I just sat down and went at it. Look at the difference between these two forks:


Soon all the pieces began to sparkle




And then the bigger silver pieces followed


I must be a glutton for punishment because now I find myself wishing I had more silver to polish, I’m off to check out Ebay, maybe someone is auctioning off some old tarnished silver….


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2 thoughts on “Resurrected Silver

  1. Oh wow, I adore silver and your vintage silver flatware collection is amazing! I have some looking like that from my Mil and I’ve cleaned them to shine and they look so pretty now. Thank you so much for your kind visit, I wanted to follow you, but couldn’t find the link. I’m impressed you lived in Guayaquil! My daughter lives outside of the real Guayaquil in a residential suburbs and some of the houses here are by the river Babahoyo, which is stunning. We live in Cuenca in the Andean city, where many Americans live now, it’s No1 place in the world for Americans retirees. I am from Astoria-Queens, of Ecuadorian parents. I married my husband from here, who’s lived here forever so I came to reside in Ecuador as soon I got married and I’ve been so blessed, I truly love it, as it’s a very traditional country. My mother did a FC for both, my bro and me in NY, big and beautiful with all our friends and relatives. I did the same for my two girls, so the custom continues for a long time yet! Please let me know when you lived here and how long ago, I am very excited to know you. Big hugs,

    • Hi Fabby! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words! I know the area where your daughter lives very well as we used to own a home there too, on the banks of the Babahoyo river. We lived there about 20 years ago in a neighborhood called Aquamarina, which is directly across the road from Entrerios. We also owned one of the first commercial buildings in Entrerios on the main street. After we sold it, I think it became a bank. In those days when we built our house, that sector was just starting to be developed and there were only three or four gated residential neighborhoods which were La Puntilla, Aquamarina and Rio Grande as well as Entrerios which was not gated…the rest of the area was pastureland and farms. The main street there (in those days called Perimetral) was brand new but there wasn’t much traffic and only about one or two cars per hour ever drove by. I am amazed at how much it has changed since we left. How wonderful that you live in Cuenca! I haven’t been there but I know it’s beautiful and scenic with a delicious climate. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites and it always makes me long for our customs and traditions which are so special. Although I was raised in Los Angeles and lived there since 1961, we also lived in Ecuador from 1982 to 1993 and now I live in Costa Rica, as my husband is from here. Hugs!

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