Lacy Candles


I never realized how difficult it was to find plain white pillar candles ’round these parts. I searched for several months and I found just about every color imaginable except white.  I needed two white pillar candles for a pair of cute little white candle holders that I had purchased on Ebay not long ago and I was at my wits end trying to find candles for them.  

I even thought of ordering the candles from Ebay, but they’re very heavy and the shipping cost (plus local customs taxes) was outrageous. So I kept looking in my area, but the closest color that I found to white, was a waxy yellow tinged beige tone that was very unattractive.  It reminded me of the the color of bacon grease. Yeah, ick.  But I went ahead and bought them and then tried to figure out how I might dress them up a little.



I had several yards of white lace among my sewing and crafts stuff, so I decided to wrap the candles in lace and see if that would effectively conceal the hideous yellowish wax.  Since I was going to use these candles purely for decoration and I didn’t plan on lighting them after they were done, I wasn’t worried about wrapping them from top to bottom in lace.  I did however, light the wick before decorating the candles so they wouldn’t look completely new and unused.


Then I wrapped the entire length of the candle in lace and fixed the lace in place with glue.


They still looked kind of plain though. So I searched through my packages of beads and I found some creamy strands of pearls and a spool of Aurora Borealis rhinestone chain. I added those embellishments and hot glued them in place on top of the lace.


After comparing the before and after, I was happy to see that the lace and pearls had effectively camouflaged the original color.


That’s quite a difference, wouldn’t you say?




The following week after I had finished these candles, one of my friends who was aware of my search for white pillar candles called me excitedly on the phone from an obscure little shop that she had come across quite by accident and informed me that they had dozens of white pillar candles there and that she had just purchased two of them for me.  Heh. Doesn’t that always happen? Oh well.

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