You’ve come a long way baby


My little garden at the mountain house has come a long way since last year when I planted several rosebushes and threw some seeds over the moist soil, crossing my fingers that the rain would make them sprout. Of course, it’s nowhere near as full and lush as I would like it to be but I am confident that it will get there eventually. I’ve adopted a policy of …if it doesn’t work yank it out and try something else.  It’s kind of tricky to garden in Costa Rica because it rains nine months out of the year so any plant in my garden has to be virtually water proof.  And heat tolerant as well because mornings are usually hot and sunny, afternoons are cloudy and wet.  I have found that roses tend to do well although they are extremely susceptible to black spot and powdery mildew because of the almost 100% humidity. I do have to spray them weekly because unfortunately  preventative measures and organic methods don’t work much around these parts. Its either spray your roses with fungicides or forget roses entirely and plant Hibiscus instead.  Most of my roses have come either from a local nursery or else I’ve grown them myself from cuttings that my mother has sent me from California.  This is what I started out with last year, just alot of bare soil and some unsteady steps that went down the slope.


Then we planted some roses. I put in that little trellis down at the bottom of the slope to support a little climbing Joseph’s Coat Rose that I planted there. I made it out of one inch diameter PVC pipe and connectors then I spray painted it green. A wooden trellis would have been lovely, or even a wrought iron one but with the frequent rains neither of those materials would have lasted out the year. So, PVC it was. I made it so that I could keep adding segments to it as the rose grew. Last week I expanded the trellis and completed it because the Joseph’s coat rose is quickly approaching monster size.


Planting Day

After one rainy season the garden is now looking like this:

I had read alot of good reviews about Miracle Gro fertilizer for roses and I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it’s not available anywhere down here so I ordered it from Amazon and had one of my kids bring it down to me when they came on vacation. I ordered the time release formula that only has to be applied every three months. So far so good. It’s not like they’re all bursting with riotous blooms (I was kind of expecting that) but they do look green and healthy and many of them are blooming quite nicely. Here’s a candy striped rose in fuchsia and white, I actually have two rose bushes of the same variety and oddly enough one of them has pale pink stripes on white, and this one has dark fuchsia stripes on white. I *think* this variety is called Candy Cane.


This next velvety dark red rose is called Black Prince. Only it’s not at all Black. I guess Red Prince would be a more appropriate name for it.


This beautiful red and white bi-color rose is called Julio Iglesias. It has a very unusual scent. It’s a strong lemony fragrance. Very delightful. I find myself going outside to smell it it every so often.



This autum colored climbing rose in shades of yellow, auburn, pink and red is Joseph’s Coat. I think it’s my favorite rose of the whole garden. It’s one of the two roses in the whole garden that seem to be fungus resistant. I’m hoping it will climb up the trellis  and cascade down the sides. I grew this guy from a little 8 inch cutting that my mom sent me. On the other side of the trellis is a Blaze rose also grown from a cutting. Blaze is a scarlet colored climber, and although it has already bloomed, it’s not nearly as big as Joseph’s Coat yet. I’m hoping that eventually they will both grow to the same size and meet in the middle of the trellis.


A dark pink unknown variety:


This next dark purple rose with a yellow center is called Heirloom. I have two of these  grown from cuttings:





I grew these little flowers from seed which I purchased from Amazon where they had been advertised as Snapdragons along with a big showy picture of giant sized flowers. After they grew I realized they were nothing but Toadflax……a wildflower. After I got over my initial dissapointment I realized they weren’t so bad after all.





Goblin Flower

I have a little camera that only takes pictures at night after it slipped out of my daughter’s hands and crashed to the floor. It simply refuses to take pictures in the daytime so I went out and took some night time pictures of the garden after a light tropical shower last week.








Don’t let these cute little solar garden lights fool you. I was so excited to get them and put them in my garden. Until I realized that a firefly emits more light than these. Seriously.



I’m satisfied to see that it has come a long way indeed.


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