Pearl Chandy

Yellow chandy

My addiction to chandeliers recently lead me to experiment with decorations other than crystals. I bought two identical hanging lamp fames on sale at a local discount store and I ended up giving each one a completely different look. When I brought these home, the only thing I was sure of was that I’d hang one in each of the two downstairs bedrooms. But the funny shape of the lamps had me stumped for a while and I didn’t quite know what to do with them. I had almost begun to regret the purchase!  But then I rememered that I had tons of pearls in my bead box and I thought they might look interesting hung on one of the lamps. It certainly couldn’t look any worse than when I bought them. I’d seen pictures of pearl chandeliers before and I loved the romantic look they had. Sort of like  a woman wearing dozens of pearl necklaces.  The original color of the lamps I purchased was hideous. It was a fake verdigris finish that made the metal look like it was rotting.

This was the original greenish black color of the chandelier

This was the original greenish black color of the chandelier

The first thing I did was to spray paint one of  the lamps yellow. (My favorite color)  It looked better immediately!

Painted Yellow

I had an entire spool of lightweight plastic pearls, the kind that are used for wedding decorations. I also had assorted pearls in different sizes, weights and colors so I gathered them all together and plugged in the hot glue gun.

Pearl spool

I began by  winding a string of pearl garland  around the base of the lamp, gluing it in place as I went.


Then I hot glued half pearls onto the lightbulb sockets as well as on the decorative leaves under the sockets, covering them in pearls completely. Half pearls are just that. A pearl cut in half. They are much easier to work with because they have a flat side.



After individual pearls were glued on to the base of the lamp, I began to hang the strings of pearls. I used fishing line and tied tight little knots on each end of the line so it wouldn’t come lose and then fastened the line to the metal parts of the lamp.


I had alot of  large teardrop shaped pearls, so I hung those from the tips of the leaves underneath the lightbulb sockets.


Years ago my mother had given me a long pearl necklace with beautiful pearl tassels on the ends. I didn’t have the heart to take it apart so I just wound it around the center of the lamp and hot glued it in place. I wound it from the top downwards so that the tassels would hang beneath the lamp.



Yes I did notice that burned out lightbulb that I have to change!



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