Paper Rosettes

Rosettes 1

I usually don’t do too many paper crafts because I’m not really good with folding or cutting paper. I can’t even make those little dolls that you cut out with scissors that are all sweetly holding hands when you unfold them. But when I saw these paper rosettes adorning someone’s wall not long ago, I thought they were kind of cute and they didn’t look like something that I’d have to take a college course to learn how to do. To my surprise, they were really easy and they were perfect to use as a colorful valance above the painted paper shades in my kitchen window.Here’s how I made them: I bought several large sheets of glossy colored paper at the craft shop in the same colors as the window shades (You can see those here)  Then I cut long strips of paper using the entire length of each sheet. The width of each strip will depend on the size of rosette that you want.  If you want smaller rosettes, then you cut narrower strips. If you want larger rosettes then you cut wider strips.

Rosette 2

I found to my dismay, that the sheets of paper I had bought were not long enough to cut strips that would result in a very full flower. So I solved this by cutting two equal length strips of paper for each rosette and then joining both strips together with scotch tape. I actually glued some together and scotch taped others. This gave me the long strip that I needed for each rosette.

Join two long strips of paper to make a fuller flower.

If your sheet of paper isn’t long enough, join two long strips of paper to make a fuller flower.

Once you’ve got your strips ready, you just begin to pleat them in accordion fashion as if you were making a paper fan. You can make the pleats wide or narrow. Once you have pleated the entire length of the paper, hold the pleats together and snip one of the ends with the scissors. This will determine the shape of the rosette tips. You can make them pointed, round, flat, scalloped….it’s up to you.

Rosettes 4

Pleat each strip like an accordion

Snip one of the ends into your choice of shape

Snip one of the ends into your choice of shape. This one is for a pointed flower.

The next step is to join together the two ends of the pleated strip together to form a circle.


Once you’ve formed the rosette, apply hot glue to the center to hold it together permanently. Apply the glue to the top as well as to the underside.

Rosettes 7

Lastly, you need to add the center of the rosette. Cut out a small circle of paper in a contrasting color and simply glue it to the center of the rosette. Voila! All done.

Rosette 9

A contrasting center circle completes the rosette

To attach them to walls or windows, just use double sided sticky tape on the back of the rosettes.



Here’s what I did with the ones I made.






Foto0075 copy

I’m thinking that they’d also make nifty Valentine’s day decorations if I use red and pink paper.


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