Fairies In My Garden

I think fairies peeking out from among the leaves and from underneath plants look so cute. I love the whimsical feeling they can give to a garden.  Unfortunately garden fairies are not easy to find in my area.  I haven’t been able to find them at any garden center here. After searching Ebay and Amazon for  weather proof garden fairies, I realized that the metal ones were either too pricey  or too heavy to ship down here and the resin ones probably wouldn’t hold up under the 9 months of warm rains and the three months of intense tropical sun that are the norm in Costa Rica.  I had pretty much given up on the idea but a trip to a nearby ceramic shop  caused me to have a lightbulb moment. Atop a shelf that was full of ceramic pieces, I spied an assortment of  bisque and greenware fairies in different sizes and poses. They weren’t expensive at all because they were unfinished. But even after painting, glazing and firing them, they would still cost alot less than buying them on Ebay. So I bought four of them in different sizes.

One of the bisque fairies ready to be painted

Getting her first coat of paint

I painted them in bright colors and sent them to the kiln. Then I glazed them  to make them shiny and weather resistant and sent them off to the kiln once more.

Here she is all painted and ready for her first firing. The fairy in the green dress is already glazed, fired and finished. The two smaller fairies are still in bisque awaiting paint.

This small fairy looks quite at home next to the geraniums

She keeps guard over the geraniums and the young grape vines

They keep watch over the gazanias

I think I will go back to the ceramic store and buy more fairies. There’s alot of garden for them to watch over.


Joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home


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