Semsema dressed up as a bunny for Halloween!

I never thought I’d be a cat person. When I was growing up we always had dogs. And hamsters. And parakeets. And turtles. And goldfish. But never cats. My mother had an aversion to cats for some reason that I still don’t understand. She didnt like them and didn’t allow any in the house.  It wasn’t until recently when we began having a problem with mice in our store that my daughter decided to bring home a cat. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that or not. I’d seen those Youtube videos of that nutty blubbering cat girl who cries about how she loves cats so much. They’ve even songified her. I was fearful of becoming a loony cat fanatic. My daughter brought home the kitty. A beautiful little tuxedo cat with huge yellow eyes and an oversized pink nose. She was adorable. We named her Giza (like the pyramids) and we just fell in love with her.

Giza hiding among the garden plants

Then when Giza was about 8 months old, we were surprised to see a stray tabby kitten walk right into our store and make herself at home on a shelf under the counter where we keep our plastic bags. She was terribly thin and dirty with coarse wiry hair and pale green eyes. She begged not only for food but also for warmth and love and a family to live with. So she stayed. We named her Suha….after my best friend. Today she is a beautiful big, muscular cat with thick glossy tiger striped fur that is as soft as velvet.  She is a loving and noble hearted girl.

Suha decided to lay in her litter box on top of the freshly changed litter

Between Suha and Giza there is no longer a single mouse left in the store.  I figured that my cat quota was complete. But boy was I wrong.  I stopped at a nearby pet shop to buy kibbles a few weeks ago and the first thing that caught my eye was what looked like a beautiful fluffy white cotton ball with eyes and feet. It was the most adorable little kitten I had ever seen in my life. Her eyes looked like two blue crystal marbles and every time anyone came near her cage she would stick out her little baby paws to try and “catch” them. It was love at first sight. The veterinarian at the pet shop told me that she was a Himalayan kitten.


Now she is the newest member of our cat family. We named her Semsema which means sesame seed in Arabic. Semsema is a popular nickname for girls with cute faces in Arab countries. My kitty has the most adorable face I’ve ever seen so the name Semsema is purrrrfect. Uh-ohh. Now I’ve started with the idiotic puns. I’m afraid I’m well on my way to becoming just like that blubbering Youtube cat girl……

Giza and Suha were very curious about the new kitty at first. They watched her obsessively through the screen door.

Giza was friendly for the most part, but Suha was terribly jealous, poor thing. She’s feeling better now, thankfully.


Suha getting to know Semsema

Beautiful blue eyes

She looks big here, but she’s actually very tiny still. She’s not yet three months old.


One thought on “Semsema!

  1. 3 lovly beautiful cats and the new cat [ semsema ] appear soooooooo pretty i like ur description for her [ a beautiful fluffy white cotton ball with eyes and feet.] GOD save all of them for u and thx for this beautful post

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