Rain in the garden

Rainy season is in full swing here in Costa Rica and gardens everywhere are bursting with color and intoxicating fragrances. Mornings are usually beautiful, sunny and warm…sometimes quite hot in fact. Then at around noon or so, the rain clouds start rolling in. Dark heavy thunderclouds that can make midday look as dark as midnight. Sometimes there will only be a light shower and then the rain stops and the breeze blows the clouds out, leaving multiple overlapping rainbows across the sky.  Other days it rains torrentially all afternoon with thunder so deafening and lightning so terrifying that nobody ventures outside and the streets are left deserted.  I’m pleased as punch that my garden is looking better and better each day thanks to the abundant  and constant (and free) water supply. I still have a long way to go before I can call it a proper garden as there are grass plugs to set into the soil, more roses to plant, a grape arbor to build and trellises to place next to growing climbers and vines.  But I’m happy with the progress so far. Here’s a few pictures of what’s growing on the slope below my house. 

A lovely orange and yellow rose that reminds me of fire. It’s a heavy bloomer and the other day I counted twelve open blooms with several more buds waiting in the wings.

A little bee looks for refuge from the hot morning sun

They call it La Herediana around these parts

Pink and white speckled rose

These pink rose blooms are huge. No idea what the rose is called though


Red rose

Red rose


Light pink rose

Pale pink roses

The buds on this rose have yellow centers with pink on the outside and edges tinged with crimson

A hydrangea that opens white and then turns bright blue as the flower heads mature

Garden steps going down the slope to the roses and fruit trees

Guinea Impatiens, Coleus, Dusty Miller and an unidentified yellow edged trailing plant

More Guinea Impatiens, Coleus and Fuchsias

My little grape vines are full of new leaves! I bought four of these grape plants from a Russian man who lives here in the country and who hybridized them to make them heat and water tolerant. It’s a cross between a Moldavia grape and a wild Costa Rican variety. These hybrids produce two crops a year! I can’t wait!

A hot pink Hybiscus

Night view from my garden, looking out over the central valley

Good night!

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