A Rose With No Name

A couple of months ago I went to a local nursery that advertises on Facebook. They are actually more than just a nursery, they are also exporters of flowers and as you drive into their farm there is row after row of every flower imaginable as far as the eye can see. They have fruit trees, shrubs, vines, bamboo, roses and even potted Poinsettias in various shades for export during the Christmas season.  But I went there for the roses that they had advertised and  I ended up buying about 20 small plants. They have funny names for their roses. I’m sure alot of them are named varieties but here in Costa Rica most people probably find the english names difficult to pronounce. So the roses get new spanish names.  A striped pink and white rose is sold as “La Payasita” (little clown girl) Another deep red and very fragrant rose is sold as “Principe Negro” (Black Prince) although I have no way of knowing if it’s really Black Prince or if it’s a similar rose that they decided to call Black Prince. A yellow rose with deep coral edged petals is called “La Herediana” after a local football team who’s uniforms are yellow and orange. And so on with just about every rose I bought.  I have no idea what they are really called. This brings me to the lavender rose in the picture.  Many of the roses I bought that day were not flowering yet, so with the help of a very pleasant and knowledgeable nursery employee I was able to select a nice variety of colors. He was a spry little man who wore a straw hat and black galoshes that were caked in mud.  He knew exactly where each rose was located, and he could identify them by color amongst the hundreds of rows of plants just by looking at their leaves. I’d never seen anything like it. When I asked him for a lavender colored rose, he sprinted over to the other end of  rose section and came back with a black plastic bag that held a 15 inch grafted rose plant. I silently hoped that he wasn’t handing me something different than what I’d asked for because I really  wanted to replace a “Silver Lady” rose that I lost during a tropical storm last  year. So fast forward to now, two months later. I went up to the mountain house yesterday and was greeted by several blooming beauties including the lavender rose that I bought that day. For a few moments I was speechless. I’d never seen such a beautiful shade of lavender. It’s almost metallic. Almost silver. Huge blooms. They barely fit in one hand, they’re so big. And the little plant is full of buds. I counted at least eight of them.  I was so thrilled that I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stare at it all morning. I briefly thought about cutting a bloom or two and putting them in a vase so I could enjoy them indoors as well but I couldn’t bring myself to doing it. These are the first roses that my little plant has produced and I think it deserved to be left undisturbed and all dressed in lavender for it’s efforts.


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