Moroccan Cushions

If ever there was a country with a knack for color, it has to be Morocco. The rich and contrasting jewel tones of Moroccan decor are simply mouth watering. It’s very difficult to pull off color combinations of tangerine, lime, electric blue and fuchsia, but these exotic color combos are daily fare in the riads of Marrakech. Inspired by the eye popping colors of Moroccan interiors I set out to make cushions from all the little bits and pieces of shiny colorful (and formerly useless) fabric and trims in my fabric stash. Why do I have so many colorful scraps of material, you ask? Well, I make costumes. Dance costumes. Bellydance costumes. I’ve been making my own costumes for years, and color junkie that I am, I must have bought just about every shiny, glittery, sparkly, beaded and sequinned fabric ever made. And the matching trims too. Every single fabric was special to me and I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing away such beautiful treasures. So I saved them all, thinking that some day I would find a use for them. That day came when I happened to see some online pictures of the most amazing middle eastern pillows that were made with beautiful pieces of assorted designer fabrics. After I wiped the drool off my keyboard I remembered the plastic bags full of scraps that were lurking in my closet and I knew right then and there that those scraps could be turned into beautiful Moroccan cushions. I began to cut strips and squares of fabric and piecing them together in a crazy quilt-like fashion, forming larger pieces of various shapes. Squares, rectangles, circles and triangles….and even a couple that didn’t quite have a definite geometric shape. I didn’t use a pattern. I just cut and pieced randomly. I was also able to use the scraps of beaded fringe, sequins, glittery appliques and chainette fringe that I had quite a bit of.

A diagonal striped Cushion with sequinned hand embroidered trim and matching beaded fringe

This cushion was made with a scrap of lacy gold fabric. The bottom edge of the fabric had finely knitted scallops and the upper part had embroidered gold metallic stars on a black background. I mounted that fabric over a turquoise and fuchsia backing.

I didn’t sew zippers in the cushions. I wanted everything to be simple and easy so I wasn’t about to bother with zippers. After I pieced together the smaller fabric scraps to form larger squares (or rectangles etc.) I stitched the larger pieces closed by putting right sides together and machine sewing them on all four sides leaving a 4 or 5 inch opening on one of the sides to stuff them through. I then turned the pillow back out through the opening and ironed it. I over-stuffed each one quite tightly (I like them very fat rather than floppy) and then stitched up the opening by hand.  I figure that if  they eventually need a washing I can always throw them into the washer and then hang them out on the line to dry. Or, I can just toss them and make more. heh.

Here’s a couple of bolster cushions. They  were made by sewing the scraps together to form a rectangle and then stitched into a tube shape. The inside was stuffed with a tightly rolled up piece of sponge rather than pillow filling. The ends were trimmed with some scraps of beaded fringe and some old pearl earrings.

This one has tassels dangling from the corners

Horizontal and vertical stripes with a bit of jaquard trim

A round stripey one that has black beaded fringe dangling all around the edge

These two have very thin chainette fringe on the ends. I bought about 60 yards of it on Ebay several years ago and finally found a use for it! The bottom pillow is about the size of a regular bedroom pillow. The round black pillow to the left is trimmed in gold beaded fringe.

I love pink and green together!

I can’t possibly upload all the pictures I have of these cushions. There’s too many.  I think I went a little bit cushion crazy and I must have made about 50 of them. Possibly more. My mom wanted to know why I was making so many cushions and even asked me if I was going to sell them.  Maybe I’ll give some away as Christmas gifts as I can’t possibly fit all these cushions in my house.  The scary part is that I didn’t even make a dent in my fabric stash. I have enough fabric to make at least 200 more cushions. At LEAST. Muahaha.

Teal and hot pink. The perfect color combination. yeah!

A bit much? Nah.

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