Before and After

The other day I was looking at pictures of our mountain house during it’s construction process and I was struck by the amount of work and time and effort that have gone into this house since it’s begginings on the 1000 square meter plot of land where it sits on the slopes of the Barva Volcano.  The area is not what one would expect to find in a tropical central american country. One would expect sandy white beaches washed by turquoise waters, rolling green hills dotted with hectare after hectare of coffee plantations and lush jungles teeming with colorful toucans and spider monkeys peeking out from among the trees.  Yes there is all that. There is alot of that.  However, there are also many beautiful forested areas full of fragrant pine trees that look like they might have come right out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and where Goldilocks or the Big Bad Wolf might be lurking right behind a tree trunk. It is in one of these forested areas that our new house sits. It is finally completed after almost a year of work, and now it’s time to focus on the landscaping. As I looked at many of the pictures that I had stored in my files, I realized that I had snapped several from the same vantage point during the course of the year. It was kind of like seeing time lapse photography. For example, here are three different stages of construction of the balcony at the front of the house:

The bare "bones" of the front balcony on the second floor

Several months later. The construction is a bit more advanced and the balcony is beggining to take shape. So is the facade of the house.

Almost done! Here is the finished balcony....the only thing left to do here is to remove that scaffolding once and for all!

I was also surprised at how the view had changed from the inside of the balcony as well. It went from a cold gray cement structure to a house with alot of personality and interest. Here are views from the inside of the same balcony during the construction process:

Looking out through the balcony "windows" from the second floor family room.

A few months later, the work is a bit more advanced

Same area with the wrought iron railings installed

Another view of the same area

And yet another one.....

I have quite a few of these before and after pictures that I snapped all over the house inside and out. I’ll upload more in future posts. Here’s a couple of side views of the house taken from the yard.

In it's early stages, the balcony and second floor looked like this from the right side of the house

Taken from the same spot a bit further into the construction process. The house begins to take shape.

A more recent side view of the house from the same vantage point. It's almost finished

The kids and their friends had alot of fun hanging out of the open windows and scaring the daylights out of  me by threatening to jump. The bald guy is our driver, Jose.

Clowning around before the windows were installed

Same side of the house with window glass installed and with the final coat of paint


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