Another little lamp re-do

I think I am obsessed with lamps. And with crystals. I can’t seem to be able to look at any lamp anymore without  these wild and uncontrolable thoughts going through my head about how I might dress it up with crystals, or re-do it completely. The other day at the Chinese store  (yes I know I’m obsessed with the Chinese store too) I happened to come across yet another sad looking little lamp hanging unobtrusively in a corner behind some fancy light fixtures. It had no decorations of any kind on it save for five tacky plastic bobeches under each “candle”.  There were no lightbulbs in it either and there was a dusty hand written sign on it that said $10 dollars. Plus 10% discount if you paid in cash. Bargains seem to follow me around wherever I go.

I asked the salesgirl why such a cute little lamp was on sale for only ten dollars?  She told me that not only was it missing the crystals but it had a weird type of  foreign electrical wiring and they hadn’t been able to find that type of light bulb outside of  China. That’s why nobody had bought the lamp, apparently.  My heart sank.  I was going to have to pass on the bargain lamp. But then my driver stepped in and took a look at it and quietly informed me that it was only a matter of changing the lightbulb sockets on the lamps and he could easily put in regular sockets for the screw in type light bulbs. Yay! I could have hugged him. But of course I didn’t. Ew.

So the salesgirl took the dusty lamp down off it’s hook and handed it to me. I left the store feeling giddy. The first thing I had to do was to remove those hideous plastic bobeches. They were milky white and dull with age. I must admit though,  that I didn’t toss them. I saved them in a little plastic bag for a potential future project. You never know when they’ll come in handy. I also had to decide where I was going to hang this lamp. After some thought,  I finally decided that it would be my new upstairs bathroom lamp at the mountain house.  After Jose my driver, had replaced the old light bulb sockets with fresh new white ones, I went out and bought five flame shaped bulbs and screwed them in and held my breath. They worked perfectly!  However, in the process of replacing them, one of the metal base parts broke off and we had to fix it with epoxy glue. Worked like a charm!

Jose changed the light sockets and put in these nice white ones for screw in bulbs

Now I had to figure out what to replace the plastic bobeches with. I decided that crystal ones would be the best choice and I was able to find some beautiful crystal bobeches on sale at an online store called The Crystal Place for only $2.75 each!  You can’t beat that price! The only difficult part was waiting for them to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I hung the lamp from the bathroom ceiling because I didn’t have any place else to store it. And I wanted to see how it looked in the bathroom.

I hung the lamp from the bathroom ceiling without any decorations on it. I really wanted to see how it looked even in it’s plain state

Once the bobeches arrived,  I set to work.  I didn’t have  any lead crystal teardrops left (I used them all on the bedroom chandelier project) but I had alot of Swarovski crystal beads in my bead stash.  I wondered how some beaded strands would look on the lamp. Each bobeche had five little gold  eye hooks where the crystal beads could be attached. I used eye pins to string the beads together and when each strand was long enough I attached it to the bobeche.

My bead stash, the crystal bobeches and the strands of different colored beads

Close up of the bead strands

I also had a few left over octagon lead crystal drops and I added one of those to each strand as well.  When I finished hanging all the bead strands from the bobeches, I placed the bobeches on the lamp. They looked nice but it really needed more decorations. I decided that I had to put some kind of dangly clear crystals on the lamp  as well, so of course I went to Ebay for help.  I found an auction for ten crystal U-drop prisms for only $10 dollars plus shipping. A bargain! I bought them and when they arrived I attached them to the arms of the little chandelier.  Two on each arm.  That was exactly what it needed!  Now I will have a lovely view as I soak in the tub and look upwards towards the ceiling. Lovely indeed. Not too bad for a ten dollar chandelier!

Not bad for ten dollars plus a few more dollars for bobeches and prisms. The U-drops really gave it a more finished look!


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