Crystal Weeping Willow

A few weeks ago as I was searching for some acrylic garlands I kept coming across something called “wedding trees” I had never heard of such a thing, probably because I haven’t gotten married in over 30 years so I am not very up to date on nouveau wedding decorations. The more pictures I looked at of these beauties the more I drooled and the more I realized that I could make one of these sparkly little Weeping Willows and it probably wouldn’t be too difficult. And I wouldn’t even have to get married again!  Luckily I had all that left over acrylic garland  from my beaded curtain project…..

For a few brief moments I considered purchasing the tree branches online. They’re called Manzanita tree branches and they come in natural wood color or painted white and ready to decorate. But when I saw the price tags I almost fainted. They wanted one hundred dollars for a bunch of dead stiff tree branches?  Cold day in hell. I remembered seeing alot of  dry branches laying around on the side of the road up at the new house and I set out to find the perfect one for my tree. I picked up more than I needed because I wanted to bring them all home and choose the best shaped ones.

Dry branches that I picked up on the side of the road

Then I got to work pruning. I removed all the leaves and then began shaping the branches. I snipped  all the unruly and rebellious twigs off,  there were quite a few of them. I was beggining to feel like Edward Scissorhands.  I decided to use three separate branches because when they were placed together they formed a nice little “tree”.

The pruned branches

The next step was to paint them. I loved the look of a white tree base with the irridescent acrylic crystals hanging from it but I didn’t want it to be chalk white either, so I chose a pearlescent white spray paint that actually gave the branches a silvery shimmer when it dried. It was perfect.

Spray painting the branches with a white pearlescent paint

Next I had to find a vase or container for the tree. I wanted a neutral colored one so that it would not draw attention away from the tree itself. I also realized that it had to be tall so that the branches wouldn’t fall out of it with the weight of the “crystals”. I found a really cool tall glass vase with a silver stem that for some reason reminded me of the mercury in a thermometer. I bought some beige polished river rocks at the Chinese store. That’s where I found the vase too. (Sometimes I wish I lived in China, they have such cool stuff there) I arranged the branches in the vase and added the rocks all the way to the top so that the branches were fixed into place and completely immobile. I didn’t want them to move around after the acrylics were attached.

I arranged the tree branches inside the vase and added river rocks to hold them firmly in place

Now it was time to begin adding the acrylic crystals. I had some left over on a spool from another project. I started by cutting the garland into smaller pieces of varying lengths and began to attach them randomly to the tree with hot glue.

I cut segments of acrylic cristals from the spool and began attaching them to the branches with hot glue

After several burned fingers (I can never use the hot glue gun without burning myself) I was finallly finished. I had a Weeping Willow Wedding Tree. My joy was shortlived however when someone suggested to me that if there was an earthquake (yeah right. What are the odds?) the vase would likely tip over and crash to the floor and break into a millions pieces along with my tree. I solved that problem by glueing the base to a thick glass plate which acted as a “foot” and gave the whole thing a bit more stability. I used silicone to fix the vase to the plate. Then I filled the plate with clear glass pebbles.  It’s not likely to tip over now unless we have a 9 pointer on the Richter scale.

I fixed a flat glass plate to the bottom of the vase with silicone, the kind that is used on glass windows

I had the perfect spot for my tree, tucked into a corner underneath the stairs. I placed it on a sturdy concrete pillar that I rescued from my back yard and restored. It faces the front door so it’s the first thing guests will see when they enter and look towards the living room.

The finished tree

The finished tree

Another view

And one more


3 thoughts on “Crystal Weeping Willow

  1. Teslam edeke el helween , i cant stop look to all pictures and cant believe that this just tree branches be this so wounderful amaxing beuatiful tree , u always make so beautful things , and its one of the most beautful things i saw in my life and a piece of art
    i like too ur classy way in arraneg the tree branches , thx for ur explain steps of making it and show that in picturs and thxxx for all ur beautiful things in ur page ; always so lovly good ideas and always beautiful things , teslam edeke el helween

  2. Hola, amiga!No hay palabras de describir la admiracion que siento por tu Talento y tu Ingenio!Estoy De acuerdo total con el comentario de Sr.King Farouk- ” u always make so beautful things!” Eres una ARTISTA! Y una gran inspiracion para crear cosas sencillamente bellas! Tu haces posible cualquier proyecto! Mashallah, amiga!Que Dios te cuide!Abrazos!

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