Three Tiered Serving Plate

A while back I needed a tiered serving platter and I was amazed to discover that none of the stores in my area carried them. I  had had the outlandish notion that I could just walk into a store here in the boonies and pick up a nice ceramic or porcelain three tiered cake plate at a reasonable price. Well, forget reasonable prices. They didn’t even have any. At any price. Salespeople looked at me like I was asking for something as mythical as the Loch Ness Monster when I tried to describe to them what I was looking for. So I  then asked my mother if she’d seen three tiered platters at Target or some such store. She lives in California after all. The land of plenty. Mom said that she’d keep any eye out for one….but I had the feeling that that might be months or even years down the road, so I decided to check  Ebay  (is there anything that one can’t find on Ebay?) and sure enough there were beautiful three tiered serving plates and as long as I didn’t ask for Limoges or Royal Albert, there were some very reasonably priced ones. But oh the shipping costs. That’s where Ebay sellers will get you. Quite often they  will make up for the low price of an item by hiking up the shipping charges and you end up paying more than you would pay at any walk-in store. So I decided that all of these obstacles called for drastic measures. I’d just make my own tiered serving platter!  So there. Heaven knows I certainly have enough mismatched old plates that I never use which are just collecting dust in a cupboard.  I made an easy  version of a three tiered cake dish. The easy version only requires three plates, two candle holders (or goblets, or cups) and a tube of crazy glue. Mind you, there is a more elaborate  three tiered serving platter that requires drilling holes in the plates and using special center fittings….but this particular version is basically the “Tiered Cake Plates for Dummies” version.

I found three old ceramic plates in a cupboard and I made sure that they didn’t have chips or cracks. I suppose you could use chipped or cracked plates but I think they wouldn’t look as pretty. To each his own. The ones I used were from an old ceramic dinner set that I’d bought in Ecuador years ago and most of the pieces were now missing. I couldn’t bring myself to throwing them out and now I’m glad I didn’t.  I still had the large serving platter that had come with the set and I used it for the bottom tier, I found a slightly smaller thinner dinner plate for the center tier and a shallow soup bowl for the top tier. I then began scouring my cupboards for the glass center parts and I located a spare glass candle holder and a glass ice cream cup in another cupboard. And amazingly, there was an intact tube of crazy glue lurking in my refrigerator.  What are the odds of that? Once I had all the necessary materials rounded up, I set to work.

Three ceramic plates in varying sizes, a glass candle holder and a glass dessert cup

The next thing I did was to locate the center of the largest plate. I used a measuring tape to measure the plate and then I marked the center with a small dot. The first candle holder would be glued right smack in the center of the plate.

Measure the center of the plate and mark a dot there

Next, I put crazy glue all around the bottom rim of the candle holder and glued it into place right in the center of the plate, making sure that it was centered properly. If this first piece is off center , the whole plate will look lopsided when it’s done. I let this dry for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Crazy glue the candle holder to the plate that will go on the bottom

In the meantime I prepared the second tier. I repeated the same process as the first plate. I measured the center of the second plate and marked it, then I crazy glued the edge of the glass dessert cup. This time I glued the TOP edge of it because I wanted the larger globe part to be face down on the second plate and  then I fixed it to the center of the plate. I let this dry for about 20 minutes as well before continuing.

I glued the dessert cup face down in the middle of the second plate

When the glue on both plates had dried and the glass pieces were fixed firmly into place, I set about putting the tiers together. I  coated the rim of the candle holder on the bottom plate with crazy glue. Then I set the second plate on top of the candle holder and pressed down a bit to fix it in place. Again, it is important that the second plate be centered and not off to either side, so I had to work quickly to center it before the crazy glue dried permanently.

Apply glue to the top rim of the glasss candle holder

I then did the same with the  third plate which was a soup bowl. I placed it squarely on the center of the glass dessert cup and that’s all there was to it!  I let the whole thing dry for about 20 minutes.

This is what it looked like after all three tiers were glued on

And finally after everything was firmly dried into place, I added some colorful glass pebbles and a few seashells.  You can use these tiered plates for everything from cupcakes, to cookies, to jewelry or to display pebbles, seashells or even flowers from your garden.

filled with pretty blue glass pebbles


2 thoughts on “Three Tiered Serving Plate

  1. Wounderful so wounderful
    i see here in egypt this 3 tired serving plates , as a stainless steal ones with silver plated and its type is Queen Ann and it be so beautiful . but in fact the one u made is more pretty and unique
    teslam edeke always made so beautiful things

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