Rock n’ Roll

Rosa Rock and Roll

My mom has the coolest rose garden ever. She has about 60 varieties of  award winning roses in all colors, sizes and scents. Her roses are so spectacular that they’re worthy of being featured in any gardening magazine. I’ve always figured  that the warm dry Southern California climate makes for great rose beds. Not to mention having every brand of fertilizer, pest repellent, soil mender and mulch right around the corner at any gardening center or nursery.  Lucky roses. In my area I can usually only find one brand of multi-purpose, multi-plant fertilizer. So no matter if you’re a tomato or a rose….you’re both eatin’ the same dinner.  My mom always sends me rose cuttings and I must say that I have managed get a few of them to root. You’d think the 75 degree weather in Central America would be ideal for growing roses but not so. The nine months of  yearly rains more often than not, rots them silly. I was crushed last year when after successfully rooting fifteen (yes! fifteen! Woohoo!) rose cuttings and nursing them to the point where they were already producing gorgeous blooms, eight of them perished tragically  in a 25 day  non stop rain storm. I shook my fist at the sky and cursed. But I’m not giving up so easily.  Mom has promised to replace them with new cuttings just as soon as someone comes down here on holiday and can smuggle …..errrr… I mean bring them to me. In the meantime I have a nice mix of about a dozen well rooted floribundas, grandifloras, climbers and hybrid teas growing in my garden. And I have alot of pictures of my mom’s roses to drool over. Like this red flecked  and very fragrant beauty from her garden. It’s called Rock and Roll. Yup. That’s what it’s called.


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